About Us

The Reeves Company is a premier Lighting Manufacturer Representative based in the Pacific Northwest, servicing Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. As a leading rep in the Lighting Industry, TRC represents a diverse group of lighting and lighting control manufacturers who specialize in commercial, residential, and industrial lighting solutions. Our relationships extend from architects, engineers, contractors, and distributors. By providing innovative lighting options and energy saving technology, The Reeves Company continues to keep the PNW lit.

 Commodity – Our commodity lines and long standing relationships with distributors and contractors allow us to leverage project and most importantly stock and flow business.

 Energy Management – As the Pacific NW continues to lead the nation in energy efficient initiatives, our position as the “energy efficient” rep of choice is strengthened. Again, with our multi-tiered approach we work directly with the utility, third party implementation contractors, even all the way to the install team.  We are fluent with all local utilities and their programs and most importantly we enjoy strong relationships with all program managers. We have a strong presence at Lighting Design Labs and participate in their events and training, putting us in front of the biggest Lighting designers in the NW.  Once again following our business model of hitting all levels to ensure we manage all projects completely. 

How We Began

The Reeves Company (TRC), a family owned business established in 1975 by Lee Reeves, was founded on the core values of honesty, hard work, and trust. David Reeves later joined the company as Principal. Together their primary focus was and always has been developing strong distributor partnerships. Today, Lee and David represent some of the best Lighting Manufacturers in the Lighting Industry. They are proud of the portfolio they have created of strong brand names that are the number one go to for distribution and contractors in the Pacific Northwest.

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